Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"Pass before my eyes with curiosity..."

Last week, you were warned our Dubose Heyward display was on its way out.  This week, FYI, George Washington is in!  So, as the tourist season slowly begins to warm up, and Betty and Jim from East Nowhere, Kansas wander in, looking resplendent in their KU sweatpants (and a little winded from their trip up the steps), your loyal blogger (happily) has this conversation dozens of times:

"Yes, this is a real library."
"Yes, 'normal' people are allowed in here."
"Yes, that is a card catalog."
"Yes, we have movies, and John Grisham novels, and computers and all that."

At this point, Betty and Jim become visibly more comfortable, realizing that this is just like the Nowhere County Library back home, just a little bigger and older, and with marble floors instead of commercial-grade carpet... and then:

"Oh, and over there are our George Washington letters."

Suffice it to say, Betty and Jim are impressed.  This is slightly cooler than, say Carrie Nation's hatchet or George Custer's boots (they're at the Kansas Museum of History, check them out next time you're in Topeka!), if for no other reason than Nation and Custer were jerks, and ol' George was awesome.

Yep.  George Washington was AWESOME.

Anyhow, the good President G.W.'s stuff is now on display here at the Society.  Don't forget, John Avlon, a guy who has a thing or two to say about presidents and politicians himself, is here March 11th.  Tickets are 10 bucks for members, 15 for non-members: RSVP today, 843.723.9912.

P.S.  Sorry, Jayhawkers.  And yes, I know you're the state of Gwendolyn Brooks, Langston Hughes, Clyde Tombaugh, Hattie McDaniel, William S. Burroughs, Dust in the Wind, Dennis the Menace, John Outland, Dean Smith, the Koch brothers, Superman, Buster Keaton, Bill Kurtis, Miss America 1997, and the (almost-as-good-as-a-Krystal) White Castle burger... so, thanks, Kansans, no harm, no foul!

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  1. I tried to post a link to the America photo on Facebook, and it told me that some users considered the name of the file objectionable! But I did post a link to the blog, just without the thumbnail I wanted to include.