Friday, July 17, 2009

Sorry, no snappy title today due do a sudden rush of patrons (weird, right?)

The CLS has been, if not overwhelmed, at least very, very whelmed by how quickly our call for new seating was answered. There must be some very dedicated sitters amongst you! All the club chairs have now been accounted for, as have twelve of the library chairs. That leaves us with just a dozen chairs left! These chairs are 150 dollars each: for more information, or to pay by credit card, call 843.723.9912.

Also, though we know y'all love the Library Society with a deep and abiding love, like that of a young John Hinckley for Jodie Foster, we're going to be a little hard-to-reach until the end of the month. We are now sans driveway and sidewalk thanks to ongoing streetscaping. The Society can still be reached via the Gateway Walk, and folks who drive to to library can park at the City of Charleston garage on Queen Street for free. Just make sure to get your pass validated at the front desk. We plan on remaining open and maintaining normal hours throughout this phase of construction.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Oh, streetscaping, so truly the bimetallism of our day...

Just some quick news on this, the 113th anniversary of the "Cross of Gold" speech, and the 29th birthday of Irish footballer Robbie Keane: Ongoing streetscaping will close the parking lot of the Society until late July. The Library will remain open. Patrons and Visitors may park at the City's Queen Street garage for free if their pass is validated at the Main Desk. The backdoor will still be open and the handicapped access ramp available via the Gateway Walk. If you have any questions, please call us at (843) 723 9912.