Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Southern Fried Fiction and Poetry

You should kick yourself if you missed Ken Burger's talk about his book Swallow Savannah. Burger is a rarity; he is an accomplished journalist, an excellent writer, and as congenial as anyone that you would ever hope to meet. The setting for his novel is mid-century Groton, SC, (a thinly disguised Allendale, which was Burger's childhood home). His book is replete with elements of Southern Gothic fiction: sex, avarice, violence, substance abuse, and racism. Burger uses all of these instruments to create a tale of how outside forces change the residents of a small South Carolina town. Check it out today.

Next on the agenda is Marjory Wentworth, who will be at the Library Society on March 5 to discuss her book, Shackles, her poetry, and herself. She is poet laureate of South Carolina, a prolific writer, and a regular contributor to the Post and Courier. She also will sign copies of her books, so do not miss this event!

The city's work crews have once again descended on lower King Street to "beautify" it with bluestone sidewalks. We apologize for the daytime mess, but you can park behind the Library Society and avoid much of the noise. The construction crews depart by 5:00 pm, so parking for evening events is not a problem.

We hope that you join us for all of our entertaining and educational programs. We also hope to see you soon.

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