Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Like a homecoming...

Well, dear readers, it looks like the blog wasnt the leading source of Library news last week! All you had to do was turn on your television or pick up your newspaper to see what was going on down here on King Street.

Thanks to a generous grant from MeadWestvaco and the Harold C. Schott Foundation, our incomparable archivist, Trisha Kometer, was able to locate a volume presumed missing for over two hundred years. This volume, "Dissertation on Parties", was part of the personal library of John Mackenzie, a planter and diplomat from Goose Creek. Mackenzie wished for his library to go to the newly-founded College of Charleston, but upon his passing in 1770, The College did not have the physical space to house the collection. It was turned over to the Library Society for temporary safekeeping, which worked well until a 1778 fire gutted the Library, presumably destroying the Mackenzie collection.

Fast forward about two hundred years: one of our librarians found a book in the vault with "J. Mackenzie" stamped across the back. She thought the name familiar, started investigating, and found the story about the collection. An inventory search was made, and all the rediscovered books were returned to The College.

One, however, escaped detection... until Trisha came along! "Dissertation On Parties" was found, The College contacted, and, as of last Thursday returned home to George Street right where Mr. Mackenzie wanted it so long ago.

Click here for the full story on the Mackenzie Project at the College of Charleston.

Click here to read coverage on the handover from the Washington Post.

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