Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ah, King Street and the Never Ending "Beautification" Project

They will be finished by August. At least, that's their story, and they are sticking with it. In the meantime, the city's contractors will subject lower King Street to jack hammering and other loud noises, dust, and the indiscriminate blocking of our driveway. Our apologies to members, but you are witnessing your tax dollars at work. When the project is completed, you will be buoyantly carried along beautiful bluestone sidewalks, until you find yourself deposited at our august organization. What a wonderful world it will be!

Much has happened since our last blog (yes, we are pretty slack). The Southern Literary Festival was a big success. Our thanks go to all of the authors who took time out of their busy schedules to entertain and inform. Next year will be even better, so be sure to mark your calendars for June 3-5, when we will feature more of the region's best writers.

Next on the agenda is Carolina Day. Few events are more emblematic of Charleston's affinity for the past. This year Carolina Day will be celebrated on Saturday, June 27 (it is never celebrated in Charleston on Sunday). We urge you to join the Library Society contingent at Washington Park at 10:30. We will line up at the Broad Street gate near to the front of the procession. The uniform of the day is seersucker for men and cool clothing for women. We have a newly modified banner this year (dark green and gold). The procession will start at 11:00. We hope that you will choose to march with us (at the expense of all of your other organizational affiliations). Of course, we will understand if you march with an organization founded prior to 1748.

Finally, you can not miss our next author event (unless of course, you wish to be mocked by your fellow literary buffs). On Thursday, July 2, we will host a book launching party for Dorothea Benton Frank to celebrate her new title, Return to Sullivans Island. This book is the sequel to Sullivans Island, her breakout novel and New York Times bestseller. At the party Mrs. Frank will discuss the book, answer questions, and sign copies for guests. Tickets are available by calling the Library Society at 843-723-9912. Ticket costs include a copy of the book. The food will be great, and the event will be spectacular. We hope to see you here.

Read a book!

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